Abandoned Places Ontario

A Database of Abandoned Places Ontario for Photographers and Urban Explorers

Abandoned Places in Middlesex County

Location Albums Type
Angels Walk Among Us9 (122 photos)House or Farm
Big Bend Pioneer Cairn1 (40 photos)Cemetery
Bornish Scottish Cairn2 (16 photos)Cemetery
Brown's Cemetery1 (14 photos)Cemetery
Burwell Pioneer Cemetery1 (20 photos)Cemetery
Cade/Gillam Cemetery1 (33 photos)Cemetery
Campbell Pioneer Cemetery1 (46 photos)Cemetery
Carmichael Pioneer Cemetery1 (15 photos)Cemetery
Catherine's Farm10 (130 photos)House or Farm
Centenary (pioneer) Cemetery2 (16 photos)Cemetery
Duncrief (ghost town)3 (22 photos)Ghost Town
Granton Hardware Store1 (7 photos)House or Farm
Handprint House- Komoka1 (5 photos)House or Farm
Harrietsville Anglican Cemetery1 (37 photos)Cemetery
Highway 22 Homestead1 (10 photos)House or Farm
Hume Cemetery2 (36 photos)Cemetery
Kellestine Pioneer Cemetery2 (8 photos)Cemetery
Ladybug House- Springbank1 (10 photos)House or Farm
Laughton Cemetery1 (23 photos)Cemetery
Leitch Cemetery1 (5 photos)Cemetery
Lewis Cemetery1 (7 photos)Cemetery
Lobo Methodist/Charlton Cemetery2 (22 photos)Cemetery
Longwoods Rail Bridge3 (28 photos)Railway
Lotan [pioneer] Cemetery3 (52 photos)Cemetery
Lucan Abandoned House3 (31 photos)House or Farm
Lucan Farmhouse0 (14 photos)House or Farm
McTaggart Pioneer Cemetery1 (16 photos)Cemetery
Melbourne Road Railway Bridge1 (12 photos)Bridge/Locks
Mr. K's House1 (4 photos)House or Farm
Nairn Barns5 (48 photos)Barn
Napier (ghost town)5 (48 photos)Ghost Town
Nursery Cemetery1 (30 photos)Cemetery
Railway Bridge over the Thames1 (28 photos)Bridge/Locks
Redgreen Decay4 (38 photos)House or Farm
S.S. No. 12 Mosa 19112 (18 photos)Educational
Southgate / O'Neil Cemetery1 (30 photos)Cemetery
St Andrew's Cemetery1 (5 photos)Cemetery
St Mary's Anglican Cemetery1 (27 photos)Cemetery
St. Patricks R.C. School No. 6 Biddulph2 (6 photos)Educational
St. Peter's Pioneer Cemetery2 (25 photos)Cemetery
Sutton Pioneer Cemetery1 (9 photos)Cemetery
Thames Centre Time Capsule4 (94 photos)House or Farm
Throops [pioneer] Cemetery1 (39 photos)Cemetery
Walker Cemetery2 (16 photos)Cemetery
Water Under Troubled Bridge2 (10 photos)Bridge/Locks
Willey Pioneer Cemetery2 (42 photos)Cemetery
Disclaimer: Properties are never truly abandoned.
They're owned by a person, corporation, or bank. Ask permission before exploring.