Abandoned Places Ontario

A Database of Abandoned Places Ontario for Photographers and Urban Explorers

Abandoned Places in Mississauga

Location Albums Type
*Don't* Rent a Car2 (26 photos)House or Farm
8th Ln Hornby Wesleyan Methodist1 (17 photos)Cemetery
9 Ft of Water in the Basement2 (17 photos)House or Farm
Abandon John fraser sewers4 (17 photos)Drain
Abandoned Garage by Go Station1 (5 photos)Commercial
Aero-Post-Al-Humanism1 (19 photos)House or Farm
Another on Hurontario1 (11 photos)House or Farm
Apartmentalized1 (5 photos)Commercial
Britannia Shack1 (10 photos)Other
Calefacient1 (10 photos)Drain
Churchilll's Rona4 (59 photos)Commercial
Cooksville Creek Storm Drain3 (20 photos)Drain
Derry West Pioneer Cemetery1 (40 photos)Cemetery
Erindale Hydro Tunnel6 (50 photos)Foundations
Foundation Near Leslie Log House3 (13 photos)Foundations
Hyde Mill Ruins (Streetsville)14 (133 photos)Mill/Foundry
Info Centre3 (44 photos)Commercial
Lakeshore Lincoln Dealership3 (57 photos)Commercial
Lakeside Water Treatment2 (32 photos)Industrial
Long Branch Arsenal Lands17 (149 photos)Military
McCurdy's School5 (40 photos)House or Farm
Motel Hell1 (8 photos)Motel/Hotel
Naked Fire Sale2 (32 photos)Commercial
Oddfellows, and an Odd House4 (35 photos)Motel/Hotel
Puppy Mill1 (27 photos)House or Farm
Runway Rundown6 (135 photos)House or Farm
Savannah Rowe5 (56 photos)Commercial
Shawson Esso1 (18 photos)Commercial
Sikh Siesta1 (20 photos)Industrial
Six Million Dollar Derelict1 (15 photos)House or Farm
St. John's Lithuanian Cemetery1 (23 photos)Cemetery
Superfortress1 (17 photos)House or Farm
The Comic Den4 (22 photos)Commercial
The Show Is Over...2 (12 photos)Recreational
The Very Christian House1 (27 photos)House or Farm
Trinity Wesleyan Cemetery1 (41 photos)Cemetery
Trojan's Sport Bar1 (8 photos)Commercial
Disclaimer: Properties are never truly abandoned.
They're owned by a person, corporation, or bank. Ask permission before exploring.