Abandoned Places Ontario

A Database of Abandoned Places Ontario for Photographers and Urban Explorers

Abandoned Places in Mulmur Township

Location Albums Type
Abandoned Petrogold2 (31 photos)Commercial
Burn's United Cemetery2 (51 photos)Cemetery
Graham's Pioneer Cemetery2 (50 photos)Cemetery
Lavender Camp1 (14 photos)Recreational
Old Camp near Whitfield3 (50 photos)Other
Old Powerhouse2 (8 photos)Mill/Foundry
Stanton Hotel2 (25 photos)Motel/Hotel
The Oasis1 (21 photos)Commercial
Under the Stars1 (2 photos)Barn
Whitfield (ghost town)3 (26 photos)Ghost Town
Disclaimer: Properties are never truly abandoned.
They're owned by a person, corporation, or bank. Ask permission before exploring.