Abandoned Places Ontario

A Database of Abandoned Places Ontario for Photographers and Urban Explorers

Abandoned Places in Muskoka

Location Albums Type
Bangor Lodge6 (61 photos)Other
Barkway (Black Bill Tragedy)6 (49 photos)Ghost Town
Barn Baby Barn2 (27 photos)Barn
Beals Pioneer Village1 (10 photos)Ghost Town
Burger Place2 (15 photos)Commercial
Burgess Memorial Church1 (3 photos)Church
Centurion (ghost town)1 (14 photos)Ghost Town
Christ Church Purbrook1 (15 photos)Cemetery
Clear Lake Car Dump3 (37 photos)Other
Darling (ghost town)1 (5 photos)Ghost Town
Draper Fire Tower1 (12 photos)Other
Dyer Memorial Hunstville4 (19 photos)Recreational
Emberson (ghost town)1 (17 photos)Ghost Town
Empire Hotel Huntsville1 (19 photos)Foundations
Falkenburg (ghost town)1 (0 photos)Ghost Town
Falkenburg GhostTown Galleries10 (204 photos)Ghost Town
Flying D's Gas Bar1 (4 photos)Commercial
Germania (ghost town)0 (8 photos)Ghost Town
Germania Ghost Town9 (95 photos)Ghost Town
Gravenhurst Nazi POW Camp4 (52 photos)Other
Historic Gilmour Tramway1 (14 photos)Other
Incredible Journey Church5 (48 photos)Church
Jerusalem (ghost town)3 (42 photos)Ghost Town
Kilty Switch2 (25 photos)House or Farm
Kilworthy and Store5 (72 photos)Other
Left in the Woods1 (7 photos)Other
Madill Church6 (39 photos)Church
Matthiasville1 (18 photos)Cemetery
Mizpah (ghost town)1 (22 photos)Cemetery
Mold Master1 (25 photos)House or Farm
Monsell (Orma Jones Tragedy)10 (142 photos)Ghost Town
Morrison Hidden Cemetery2 (16 photos)Cemetery
Muskoka Centre Sanitarium58 (1084 photos)Hospital
Muskoka Falls-Campbell Tragedy1 (4 photos)Other
Muskoka' s Lost Ghost Towns5 (68 photos)Ghost Town
Old Gravenhurst Garage1 (9 photos)Industrial
Old Muskoka Road Bridge1 (7 photos)Bridge/Locks
Pilsner Urquell1 (10 photos)House or Farm
Ranger Gord's Fire Tower1 (2 photos)Other
REO Speed Wagon4 (34 photos)Industrial
Saw Lake Saw Mill5 (90 photos)Mill/Foundry
Stack Shack1 (10 photos)Barn
Uffington Church2 (17 photos)Church
Uffington Ghost Town1 (19 photos)Cemetery
Utterson Area Gas Station2 (16 photos)Commercial
WW2 Plane Crash Sites in Muskoka1 (10 photos)Military
Disclaimer: Properties are never truly abandoned.
They're owned by a person, corporation, or bank. Ask permission before exploring.