Abandoned Places Ontario

A Database of Abandoned Places Ontario for Photographers and Urban Explorers

Abandoned Places in Parry Sound District

Location Albums Type
Almaguin Highlands SS9 (263 photos)Educational
Ardbeg Fire Tower1 (9 photos)Foundations
Barber Pioneers1 (5 photos)Cemetery
Britt Station1 (23 photos)Railway
Broadbent Church and Cemetery2 (44 photos)Church
Byng Inlet (ghost town)3 (31 photos)Ghost Town
Byng Inlet Fire Tower1 (1 photos)Other
Cemetery on Fourth1 (14 photos)Cemetery
Decay Hospital9 (202 photos)Hospital
Depot Harbour (ghost town)9 (133 photos)Ghost Town
Golden Valley (priest home?)1 (3 photos)House or Farm
Highway 64 Buses1 (7 photos)Other
Hwy 522 Houses1 (19 photos)Other
Hwy 534 Sheep Barn1 (20 photos)Barn
Jeepers1 (13 photos)Other
Key Junction (ghost town)0 (4 photos)Ghost Town
Lost Channel (ghost town)2 (12 photos)Mill/Foundry
Ludgate (ghost town)1 (4 photos)Ghost Town
Nobel CEL Explosives0 (21 photos)Ghost Town
Nobel CEL Explosives #20 (19 photos)Foundations
Nobel CEL Explosives #30 (38 photos)Ghost Town
Nobel CEL Plant2 (28 photos)Industrial
Nobel Gas Station1 (13 photos)Commercial
Oastler Lake Trailer Park1 (9 photos)Other
Pakesley (ghost town)1 (15 photos)Ghost Town
Pickerel Landing (ghost town)1 (5 photos)Ghost Town
Restoule Fire Tower1 (7 photos)Other
Royston (ghost town)0 (1 photos)Ghost Town
South River Dam1 (15 photos)Foundations
Sprucedale Pioneer Cemetery1 (11 photos)Cemetery
Swords Ghost Town5 (60 photos)Ghost Town
The Stone House- Rutter1 (6 photos)House or Farm
Thompson pioneer Cemetery2 (24 photos)Other
Disclaimer: Properties are never truly abandoned.
They're owned by a person, corporation, or bank. Ask permission before exploring.