Abandoned Places Ontario

A Database of Abandoned Places Ontario for Photographers and Urban Explorers

Abandoned Places in Ramara

Location Albums Type
Brechin Zie Decay1 (29 photos)House or Farm
Cooper's Falls (ghost town)1 (0 photos)Ghost Town
Cooper's Falls Ghost Town15 (223 photos)Ghost Town
Fairground Flophouse1 (13 photos)Other
Fawkham- Don't say it too fast2 (25 photos)Ghost Town
Fruit stand/ Cabin2 (26 photos)Other
Longford Mills (Historic site)1 (10 photos)Ghost Town
Millington (ghost town)1 (11 photos)Ghost Town
Rama Road Wreck1 (17 photos)House or Farm
Sebright (The Arthurs Tragedy)3 (43 photos)House or Farm
Udney Train Derailment Story1 (4 photos)Railway
Washago Assorted3 (27 photos)Ghost Town
Disclaimer: Properties are never truly abandoned.
They're owned by a person, corporation, or bank. Ask permission before exploring.