Abandoned Places Ontario

A Database of Abandoned Places Ontario for Photographers and Urban Explorers

Abandoned Places in Renfrew County

Location Albums Type
Abandoned House Mt St Patrick1 (4 photos)House or Farm
Al Capone Cottage- Quadeville13 (164 photos)House or Farm
Balaclava Ghost Town14 (193 photos)Ghost Town
Best Damn Fiddler from Calabog2 (26 photos)House or Farm
Bethel Cemetery1 (12 photos)Cemetery
Biederman Lime Kiln2 (33 photos)Industrial
Black Donald Mine2 (3 photos)Mine
Calabogie Small Abandoned Barn1 (26 photos)Barn
Cobden Old Farmhouse1 (5 photos)House or Farm
Collapse On A Combine1 (12 photos)Barn
Eganville Gristmill1 (17 photos)Mill/Foundry
Foymont Abandoned RCAF Station13 (137 photos)Military
Killaloe Aeradio Weather Station1 (10 photos)Other
Letterkenny Ghost Town2 (18 photos)Ghost Town
Madawaska Valley Shrine1 (10 photos)Other
McLaren Cemetery1 (16 photos)Cemetery
Newfoundout (ghost town)8 (89 photos)Ghost Town
Old Polish Church, Wilno1 (9 photos)Church
Opeongo Road Ghost Town5 (114 photos)Ghost Town
Renfrew Lime Kiln2 (14 photos)Commercial
Rockingham (ghost town)5 (59 photos)Ghost Town
Sawmill In Repose3 (51 photos)Commercial
Springtown Ghost Town1 (9 photos)Ghost Town
St. Andrews Presbyterian Church1 (9 photos)Church
Sunshine Cafe1 (21 photos)Commercial
Szare Szeregi Monument2 (28 photos)Other
Vanbrugh (ghost town)2 (7 photos)Ghost Town
Woermke (ghost town)1 (4 photos)Ghost Town
Disclaimer: Properties are never truly abandoned.
They're owned by a person, corporation, or bank. Ask permission before exploring.