Abandoned Places Ontario

A Database of Abandoned Places Ontario for Photographers and Urban Explorers

Abandoned Places in St. Catharines

Location Albums Type
Abandoned Plaza1 (8 photos)Commercial
Berryman Brownfield2 (24 photos)Industrial
Blue Ghost Tunnel (east end)4 (6 photos)Drain
Blue Ghost Tunnel- Merritton25 (178 photos)Railway
Delta Bingo1 (7 photos)Commercial
Effingham (ghost town)1 (4 photos)Ghost Town
Egon's paradise1 (10 photos)House or Farm
Haynes Pioneer Cemetery1 (19 photos)Cemetery
Le Grande Hermine Ghost Ship25 (193 photos)Other
Neptunes Staircase1 (11 photos)Bridge/Locks
Old Welland Canal7 (73 photos)Bridge/Locks
Old Wreck Near New Hospital2 (15 photos)House or Farm
Popper Room3 (26 photos)Commercial
Reynoldsville0 (1 photos)Ghost Town
Ridley Golf and Driving Range2 (21 photos)Commercial
Servos & Lincoln Cty I. Cem.'s2 (12 photos)Cemetery
St. George's & Old St. Cath.'s2 (51 photos)Cemetery
St. Johns West (ghost town)1 (8 photos)Ghost Town
The Morningstar Mine10 (84 photos)Mine
Disclaimer: Properties are never truly abandoned.
They're owned by a person, corporation, or bank. Ask permission before exploring.