Abandoned Places Ontario

A Database of Abandoned Places Ontario for Photographers and Urban Explorers

Abandoned Places in Thorold

Location Albums Type
2nd Welland Canal Lock c. 18502 (14 photos)Bridge/Locks
Abitibi's Little Wrigley Field1 (17 photos)Recreational
Anomalies in Old Lakeview1 (16 photos)Cemetery
Collection of Low Risks1 (13 photos)Other
Crane Reclaimed by Nature4 (31 photos)Industrial
Forbidden Roads and Bridges1 (20 photos)Bridge/Locks
Interlake Paper Outbuilding1 (6 photos)Commercial
Lone Barn2 (14 photos)Barn
Morningstar Mill2 (25 photos)Mill/Foundry
Old Canal Remains1 (22 photos)Bridge/Locks
Old Radio Station3 (36 photos)Other
Riverboat Inn (Demolished)1 (20 photos)Motel/Hotel
Single room School- St. Johns1 (8 photos)Educational
Swing Bridge to Pump House1 (20 photos)Bridge/Locks
Thorold Canal Trail2 (30 photos)Bridge/Locks
Thorold Playboy Mansion5 (89 photos)House or Farm
Where Cats Go To Die4 (37 photos)Foundations
Disclaimer: Properties are never truly abandoned.
They're owned by a person, corporation, or bank. Ask permission before exploring.