Abandoned Places Ontario

A Database of Abandoned Places Ontario for Photographers and Urban Explorers

Abandoned Places in Toronto

Location Albums Type
$FUR The RICH With GREEN$4 (79 photos)Commercial
103.5 Radio Station3 (50 photos)Commercial
501 Vesta2 (18 photos)House or Farm
A Few On Death Row1 (38 photos)Commercial
Abandoned one1 (8 photos)Other
Abandoned Apartment Complex1 (3 photos)Other
ABC Lumber3 (37 photos)Industrial
Alderwood Collegiate Institute24 (428 photos)Educational
Bathurst Anomaly2 (5 photos)Other
Berwick - Duplex1 (15 photos)House or Farm
Black Staircase Mansion3 (58 photos)Mansion
Boarded/Abandoned Apartment1 (15 photos)Other
Break oh my Tayco1 (37 photos)Commercial
Briar Hill Public School1 (12 photos)Educational
Brokers Went Broke1 (23 photos)Commercial
Building 6663 (13 photos)Commercial
Busted For Boredom1 (17 photos)Industrial
By The Beer Store3 (31 photos)House or Farm
Canada Malting Co.8 (50 photos)Industrial
Canadian Pacific Police Station2 (15 photos)Railway
CFB Downsview1 (7 photos)Military
Chorley Park & Timothy Pilgrim3 (4 photos)House or Farm
Church Of The Apostles2 (43 photos)Church
Crawford Street Burried Bridge1 (5 photos)Bridge/Locks
Crispy Mural1 (7 photos)House or Farm
Cummer Ave. Public School2 (30 photos)Educational
Don Branch1 (6 photos)Railway
Don River Bridge6 (39 photos)Bridge/Locks
Don Valley Brickworks10 (148 photos)Industrial
Don Valley Ski Club2 (14 photos)House or Farm
Expert Auto Mechanix1 (18 photos)Commercial
Extreme Dilapidation1 (14 photos)Other
Florida Jack and the Bunch2 (80 photos)Commercial
Fruit Fire3 (88 photos)Commercial
Gargantua2 (53 photos)Drain
Ghetto Fabulous2 (17 photos)Other
Goodwill, Bad Intentions1 (13 photos)Commercial
Graydon Hall Pumphouses4 (37 photos)Foundations
Harbord Street Burried Bridge2 (10 photos)Bridge/Locks
High Park Houses3 (33 photos)House or Farm
Hoko Dojo5 (35 photos)Recreational
Honeydale Mall3 (27 photos)Commercial
Humber Marsh Tile Factory1 (6 photos)Industrial
Islington Mosaic1 (50 photos)Other
Just A Smashin'1 (24 photos)House or Farm
Knee Trembling Yet Awesome1 (12 photos)Bridge/Locks
Kodak (Eastman Kodak)42 (573 photos)Industrial
Kormann House Hotel1 (6 photos)Motel/Hotel
Lakeshore house2 (54 photos)House or Farm
Last Burial1 (14 photos)Cemetery
Leslie Lighthouse2 (17 photos)Other
Linseed Factory46 (572 photos)Industrial
Lower Bay TTC Station3 (15 photos)Railway
Main Square Sports Complex1 (19 photos)Recreational
Max Security Chapel1 (4 photos)Church
Mid Century Bungalow3 (36 photos)House or Farm
Mid Century On The Bridle Path1 (3 photos)House or Farm
Mimico Creek Drain1 (9 photos)House or Farm
Mimico's Potters Field2 (19 photos)Cemetery
Old Don Jail - Toronto5 (74 photos)Correctional
Old Mechanics1 (4 photos)Commercial
Paradise Cinema1 (5 photos)Commercial
Prayer Tent1 (6 photos)Church
pre-1929 Bayview Bridge1 (6 photos)Bridge/Locks
Princess Plaza3 (115 photos)Commercial
Railroad Electric1 (3 photos)Industrial
Regal Constellation5 (70 photos)Motel/Hotel
Regent Park Apartments2 (8 photos)Foundations
Riverdale Farm (Zoo)2 (26 photos)Recreational
Rosedale Ablaze1 (20 photos)House or Farm
Run Down Low-Down2 (17 photos)House or Farm
Seaway Hotel3 (66 photos)Motel/Hotel
Secret Beach3 (30 photos)Drain
Skylines Past1 (17 photos)Commercial
Sports National1 (3 photos)Commercial
Spring Garden Centre1 (16 photos)Commercial
Stonehouse Cemetery1 (14 photos)Cemetery
Stuck In '651 (24 photos)House or Farm
Sylvan Apartments1 (9 photos)House or Farm
System Soundbar 117 Peter Street1 (9 photos)Commercial
The "Newer" Don Jail5 (118 photos)Correctional
The Crossways Fitness Center1 (16 photos)Commercial
This Sure Ain't.. Crow Foundry1 (43 photos)Industrial
Todmorden Mills (ghost town)1 (12 photos)Other
Trinity Bunker1 (19 photos)Industrial
Unilever Soap2 (20 photos)Industrial
Victory Soy Mills9 (103 photos)Mill/Foundry
Volvo of Toronto1 (11 photos)Commercial
Westwood Movie Theatre7 (47 photos)Recreational
Zen Buddhist Temple1 (13 photos)Church
Disclaimer: Properties are never truly abandoned.
They're owned by a person, corporation, or bank. Ask permission before exploring.