This elegant looking house was a bit of a disappointment. Initially I was only able to see through the windows of the secured house, but I knew if I kept trying that it would one day be open. Such was the case on my last road trip when I stopped in and tried the garage door. One of the signs that there might be a way inside this time, was seeing through the windows that much of the baseboard trim had been removed and stacked, and the kitchen island was gone.

As I explored the interior, I was impressed to see that only the salvageable items had been taken and no signs of scrapping. While the house will be demolished in time, this developer is attempting to reuse as much of the old house as possible for future projects. The trim has been taken off of the windows, suggesting that they’ll be taken out for reuse. Down in the recroom the carpet is soaked with water and emanating a pungent odor.

The back yard offers a nice shaded hut where one could read books.

The name of this location comes from the mix of natural gas smell and putrid basement odor from a watersoaked carpet.