This house was purchased by a development company with the intention to build townhouses. In a somewhat ironic turn of events, the past owner of this house led a petition by area residents to oppose new townhouses on the other side of her street. As the petition was made around 2021, this house has been vacant for no more than three years.

In the bedroom I discovered a box filled with hundreds of photographs from Ontario vacations taken in the early 2000’s. The oldest item found was a newspaper dated 1980. Given the vibrant wallpaper, I’m thinking this was the original owner. I know her name and occupation was, but won’t disclose it at this time.

I tried three times to access this house, all of the windows and doors were locked. On my next road trip to this area I noticed a pane of glass outside the front door. I thought it might be a sign of the developer removing salvageable items and so I went back to try again. I turned the garage door handle and it opened!

June 2024 Revisit

The developer has secured the property however someone broke a side window which allowed for access.