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Presbyterian Church

This Presbyterian church’s roots began when Scottish settlers arrived in this area, located in southern Ontario. In 1828 a Presbyterian congregation was founded. They held church in area homes until 1834 when land was donated for construction of a proper church. The church fell into ruin when it was no longer used due to conflicting…

St. Mary’s Anglican Church in Muskoka, Ontario

This was St. Mary’s Anglican Church located in cottage country, Ontario. There’s some discrepancy in the year the church was built. One set of records indicates August 1914 and another indicates 1878. The church was apparently consecrated on October 14, 1917 by Archbishop Thorneloe. The front stain glass window depicts Jesus as the shepherd, and…

Annunciation Church (1905) in Lakeshore, Ontario


In 1893, Father St-Cyr arrived in Ontario from Nicolet, Quebec. Father St-Cyr sought out Louis Caron Junior, an architect he knew from Nicolet, to design a new church. Mr. Caron Junior was a well-known designer of churches, rectories, convents and other buildings in Quebec.Plans were drawn up in 1903 and church construction began in 1905….

Nobleton Catholic Church

historic irish church in nobleton

The information on this church is that following the famine of 1847, numerous Irish settlers left their homeland in hopes of a better life in Canada. Upon settling in the area of Nobleton, they built a Catholic church on a parcel of land donated to them. The church was formally opened on September 23, 1855….

Gandier United Church

Gandier United Church

Construction on the Gandier United Church started in 1916. Services were stopped in 2008. Today the church is largely gutted and there’s little left behind to suggest it’s original purpose. The church is located north of Grand Valley, Ontario.

1950’s Church

church scaled

This church was built during the 1950’s.  

Abandoned Baptist Church in Hamilton, Ontario

I could find very little information on this church except that it was built in 1924 in Gothic revival style. The church closed around 2008 and has sat idle ever since. This church replaced an earlier church built in the 1900’s in the same city.The church was used for community events including Alcoholic’s Anonymous meetings….

Church of the Apostles – Toronto

Church of the Apostle Toronto

In the 1930s, the area of Sheppherd Avenue West in Toronto was a quiet country area rather than urban sprawl. In 1936, a small building was built by community men to be used as a place of gathering as a church. The church was built mainly with second hand material. The churche’s name is believed…

Salvation Army Citadel in Brantford

abandoned Salvation Army Citadel Brantford

The site of the Salvation Army Citadel in Brantford was used for ice skating until 1954. At that time the Salvation Army built their church with a corner stone dated March 27, 1954. The building was used by the Brantford Academy of Arts as a dance recital hall for children during the building’s final days….

Grace Anglican Church in Perth

Grace Anglican Church

The Grace Anglican Church was built in July of 1905. The church replaced the original building which was constructed in 1862, at a cost of $1,500.The church was last used approximately by the Mennonites. The cemetery, located at 6995 Freeborn Street is still owned by the Anglican Church.The church is slowly being dismantled as Sittler…