My name is Michael Lalonde, an urban explorer from Hamilton, Ontario. Many years ago before social media made everybody an urban explorer, I learned that Ontario had several ghost towns tucked along the back roads. These were old paper mills, railway towns, and mines that our busy society had forgotten about. It fascinated me to think that every day we drove past these old buildings and cemeteries.

I wanted to share these places with Canadians and traveled many kilometers while documenting my adventures with a 35mm film camera. I posted my travels on the first Canadian website for urban exploring which I created under the name of, “Mike’s Ontario Ghost Towns”. That website is no longer operational but I do maintain this blog. The days of developing film are long behind us, and I now create content digitally.

Most of these ghost towns were piles of rubble and so I eventually expanded my travels to include houses. This website features a variety of content ranging from rural farm houses to exquisite multi-million dollar estates to hospitals to correctional facilities.

Legal Disclaimer

The legalities of this hobby are that you should always seek permission before going onto someone’s property. Please note that while I use the word ‘abandoned’ in my travels, it doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t a property owner. I use the term in the context of no longer fulfilling it’s original purpose.

If you find yourself at this page because you’ve seen my name written on the walls of an abandoned house, please know this isn’t my doing.

My locations can be found at www.abandonedmansionsontario.com

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Exploring E-Book

Thu Oct 20 , 2022
I wrote an E-book titled “It’s Too Clean To Be Abandoned”. This is an entry level book for urban explorers that covers legalities of the hobby, how to find locations, how to track down owners, dealing with confrontations. It also includes some stories, beginner locations, and much more. You can download it here. It’s FREE. 🙂

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