This house was part of our itinerary for the day. I had no idea what to expect from it. As we approached, the driveway was overgrown and it was difficult to see the house. There were three, perhaps four buildings on the property. I drove up the driveway (thank you 4×4) and we approached the house. As the doors were boarded, Forsaken Ontario hopped up on a chair and made his way in through the window. Meanwhile my companion had discovered that there was a cellar door in the back. We walked down into the cellar and discovered a set of stairs that led us to the main floor – no window entry required.

The house is described as having a gable dormer, a three-bay front facade with concrete stills and a covered porch with a gable roof dominate.

A calendar on the wall indicated the house was possibly last lived in April of 2013. Eight years of nature have pretty much made the property invisible to passers by. I’ve included a Google Street View showing the house visible from the road during the fall.

At some point during our road trip, we stopped to check ourselves for ticks. ForsakenOntario had one on him, and I’d later find one on my body when I returned home. The risks of exploring in summer.