This was a horse farm that sold for $3,000,000 in 2014. The property had a residential home, outdoor swimming pool and stables. I’m surmising that a developer purchased it, given that it’s in some prime real estate territory.

Heritage records indicate the original house was built circa 1835 and was the location of a Christian Church and graveyard.

The typewritten notebook is dated July 1, 1957. I’ve often wondered if these pages were able to be copied or if someone painstakingly re-typed them. Back in my school days, the teacher would type a master copy onto a purple coloured sheet and then spin off copies using a Mimeograph. The papers smelled marvelous when they were handed out.

While the house has a few nice features in the form of woodwork, the house is trashed and probably due to be demolished.

Thanks to RP_Explorations for the location.