This property immediately caught my attention as we were on our way home from a day of exploring. It’s always nice to have a ‘bonus find’ when you’re calling it a day. I made a U-turn and pulled into the driveway. The gated drive and lack of footprints told me that this was likely abandoned. The only question was, could we find a way inside?

It was a cold day and we walked quickly to the sliding glass door. To my relief, the door opened! I was impressed with the lack of vandalism. The only damage was some holes in the basement drywall made with the pool table balls.

This property is valued at $14,950,000. According to my research, various people have owned this property – primarily those who operated large businesses. It looks like part of the upstairs was used as a business office.

There were cameras outside the house at one time but the equipment has been removed. The house has an attached three-car garage.

The basement has a table football game and a pool table and a brick fireplace.

Based on city documents that I found online, this property and a significant surrounding area is going to be used for new housing.