This 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom bungalow sits on prime land along a busy road with large subdivisions behind it. The address comes back to Cadet Cleaners, a dry cleaning service. Based on the interior of the house, it was most certainly a residence but may have operated as a drop off location for clothing.

Most of the furniture has been left behind in the living room, as well as the kitchen appliances. Given the area in which the house is located, it’s been well visited by those seeking destruction. The fridge was toppled over, the stairs ripped out, and most of the glass throughout the house has been smashed.

The owner of the property had been trying as far back as 1998 to have the property rezoned for new housing. The initial application called for a 4-storey building with 30 units. After a review, it was changed to 3-storeys and 28 apartment units.

It wasn’t until 2012 that the owners submitted an appeal. In 2015 the Ontario Municipal Board issued an order permitting a new construction height of 5-storeys and almost 90 apartment units. By the time the condos are built, it will have been over 24 years of submitting applications.

As of summer 2022, no progress has been made on the property.

Thanks to Lucas for the location!