I explored this abandoned house in St. Charles, Ontario back in 2010. At that time I used a point and shoot camera and over the years the photos were bulk resized when I required more website disk storage. For this reason the resolution and size are somewhat poor.

This is what the house appeared like in 2010.

There are spray painted messages on the front of the house:
This was my house and is not a marijuana grow operation. This is more OPP and shit town lies.

Messenger of death

I returned to this house ten years later in May of 2020.

The result was as to be expected. The stereo system which included dual cassette deck, speakers, video tapes, and VCR player were gone. The furniture was scattered across the room. Chairs had been thrown into the walls. The front windows ha been smashed. Some no-talent loser by the name of ‘Frost’ had drawn graffiti on the walls and counter.

The stairs leading up to the side door had collapsed or been removed, and a support beam for the parking deck had snapped. There was very little left inside to see, except some tax return records. The owner of this house was Gilles Methe, who was born in 1947. I don’t know if he’s still alive.

The spray painted messages have been removed from the front of the house, which I could understand a neighbour doing. It was an eyesore.

A neighbour tells me, “The owner lost grip with reality and chased a car weilding an axe, as they used his driveway to turn around. The neighbour across the road is Diane and he would stand at the end of his driveway and yell at her as she tried to weed her garden. The whole ordeal occurred over the course of 8 months. He has been under strict observation for several years since.”

The painted message on the left side of the house:

There is 2 sides to story. My name: Gilles Methe. OPP (liars) accuse me of crimes I did not do. Judgement day is upon this town of vipers. Rolly [who threatens who] Neighbour Rolly says half my driveway is hisss. Diane say ‘this is my land’. Shit town Bruno Roy with O.P.P. (liars) steal my house threaten from O.P.P. (I will be charged when I go to pay taxes). Harass by ambulance, fire bugs and shit town scums.