This house sits on prime land located along Harrison Road in North York, Ontario. It is by no means outdated. This house was built only in 1996, but that hasn’t stopped developers from tossing wads of cash at the owners in an effort to squeeze more housing in place. The developer’s proposal is for a 3-level six unit condo.

The developer sought a zoning By-law amendment that would allow for the six unit structure. In 2016, the City of Toronto sought a community meeting to obtain input from the surrounding property owners. By December of 2016 it was recommended that Toronto City Council refuse to grant the application, which they did.

As of August 2020 the developer was appealing to the OMB, the refusal by the City of Toronto to allow the zoning By-law amendment. Neighbours were opposed to the condos which they said would be out of character with the existing community. The developer’s appeal was granted but I don’t know the outcome of it any hearing has since been scheduled.

The property had an outdated listing as a bed and breakfast though I could find no information other than the address. In the winter of 2021 into 2022, a pipe had burst above the kitchen and water was gushing down into the kitchen. During our March 2022 visit the water had been turned off. Despite the torn up structures and water damage, the electricity was still working.

Based on the ripped out backsplash and dishwasher along with the water flooding, it’s my opinion that scrappers may have caused this damage.

The dining room features a nice chandeleir and a ceiling medallion. In the rear of the house are a set of double doors leading out to a patio. The wooden floors are buckled in many places, a testament to the continous water that was left running.

For now the house sits vacant, it’s future up in limbo and the only visitors are the occasional photographer and scrapper.

As of November 2022 there is fresh plywood on the doors.