In fall of 2023, I returned to the Bitcoin Miner House. This was an original find of mine that I’d visited earlier in the summer. It’s evident that scrappers have found the property and that kids have been here.

There are beer bottles littering the front of the property. Inside, several walls have been smashed by people searching for copper piping & wiring. Scrappers have ripped off the mirrors from the wall, to poke holes in the drywall in search of pipes. Marble tiles that lined the foundation of the hot tub have been taken as has the stain glass from the bathroom. In the bedroom, a television has been destroyed and a sink ripped out from its cabinet.

During my first visit, the walls were untouched and no copper had been taken. You learn in this hobby that photographers aren’t the only ones interested in these houses. Besides the scrappers, the homeless also frequent these properties. You can read about my encounter with one in this very house at the link in the first paragraph.

Attempts have been made to secure the property including fresh plywood over the windows and 2×4’s across the doors. The property is being sold for the land, which given the neglect shown the house, is just as well.

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