This location is named Sandra’s House for the young girl who once lived here. As of 2021, she would be approximately 29 years old. In her bedroom still hang the movie posters from Walt Disney’s Pocahontas (released in 1995).

The house was a treasure trove of vintage children’s toys at one time. These items include an Easy Bake oven and a Lite-Brite. A Lite-Brite is a toy in which you’d insert coloured pegs into a honeycomb-like grid that was placed over a piece of black cardboard paper. On the black paper were tiny letters indicating what colour pegs to place into the grid. Once you’d inserted the clear plastic pegs, they’d break through the  paper and instantly light up from the light bulb inside the toy. The result of inserting all of the proper coloured pegs, were different designs such as flowers or boats. The toy came with a variety of different designs on the black paper.

Given the age of the television and a few scarce VHS tapes, I’d estimate the house was abandoned sometime during the late 1990’s.

The house has seen considerable natural decay over the years; the paint on the walls is peeling and holes in the roof allowing the elements inside. On my visit I didn’t even venture into the room with all of the vintage toys, a lesson to be learned about exploring all the nooks and crannies.

I could find only one reference to Sandra on the internet, which in this day and age is something remarkable. Whomever owned the home had the first initial of “R”, but my research has come up empty so far. The family was Italian, which would explain the photo of Mary.

There are barns out back, but I didn’t explore them. I hope to return for a follow-up visit soon.