Your Most Asked Questions

Where is this place?

Generally I won’t reveal an address in the comments where 50-60k people could see it. Your best chance of success is to ask in private messages. Also, if you use the exact three words “where is this?”, your chances are about 1% for a reply. If you sprinkle respect in the form of “please” and “thanks” your chances improve.

This isn’t abandoned.

When you see an old motel along the highway, or an old farm house, you’d generally say to your traveling companion, “Look at that abandoned house”. That’s how we think. In reality, most every property will have an owner. It could be an estate in legal dispute, owned by a mortgage lender, a numbered company or it might be rented out for farming. The mere fact that a property appears on a page titled, “Ontario Abandoned Places” is not meant to indicate that there is no ownership.

You did a B&E

Legally, there’s no difference between entering an upscale mansion with power still on versus a decayed old house. This falls under the Trespass to Property Act. The cleanliness of a home, occupied or not, power or not, do not make entering a dwelling, a criminal act. It’s your purpose in entering, how you enter, and what you do while inside that determine whether it’s criminal.

We don’t go the criminal route.

Why are these places abandoned?

Often a land developer purchases properties to build new housing. Some times there is no remaining family to care for a house after the owner passes away or moves into a long-term care facility. Other times the family simply walks away from seasonal properties.

Can I buy one of these houses?

Developer properties are purchased with the intention to demolish them. Some houses featured in the exploration circuit are in between owners. Yet other houses are listen on MLS. It’s difficult to provide a catch-all answer. Your best bet is to ask your real estate agent.