St. Luke’s Catholic School in the City of Markham served grades 9 through 12. The school also offered ESL (English as a Second Language) classes for the community. The school was located at 160 Dudley Avenue.
The school was built in 1955.
Due to aging infrastructure as well as asbestos, the school was abandoned around 2012. The city purchased the property in February of 2013 for $5.355 million. In May of 2016, the city entered into a 10 year lease with Cyrus Cultural Society.
Today the property is used for private education as the “I Am Smart Scool”.
When I explored this school, there was still power. In fact, I turned on a power breaker and set off the school bell. I have this interest in seeing what random switches do as my companions will attest to.
A calendar on the wall was dated 2009-2010. Several of the windows had been smashed and boarded up. There was mold in a few of the rooms.