Florence M Heard Public School

F.M. Heard Public School was located at 100 Garden Street in the city of Whitby. The school’s history began in 1875 under the name of The Model School, a training school for teachers. The school eventually became Dundas Street Public School. In 1967 a fire led to the demolition of part of Dundas Public School and a complete rebuild of the west-wing.

The west wing was rebuilt while older additions remained intact. In 1974 the school reopened under the name of Florence M. Heard, a former teacher who began her career at the school back in 1924. In 1942 she was promoted to the role of principal. F.M. Heard was a French immersion school that provided programming for students from kindergarten to Grade 6.

The school closed in June of 2011 after the Durham District School Board decided that the cost of repairs to the aging school would be too expensive. A new school named Julie Payette Public School was built to replace F.M. Heard.

On April 7, 2017 the Durham District School Board put out a tender for demolition of the former school. The demolition tender was awarded to Schouten Excavating Inc.

Where is the Florence M Heard Public School?

The school was located at 100 Garden Street in Whitby.

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  1. hello,

    I was wondering if you could tell me more about “the model school, which turned to F.M heard?

    what i mainly am looking to find out or put answers to, was this the school that had the teacher who was shot? by her ex husband?

    what was your experience like in this school? did it feel strange?

    Now, I kniw some questions maybe a bit, odd lol. but it is to help me answer some questions i have for myself, so as much detail would be greatly appreciated.

    this was not the only school on this property though was it ?? there was two schools build I was told?

    do you have anymore videos or pictures that are not posted here?

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