This Presbyterian church’s roots began when Scottish settlers arrived in this area, located in southern Ontario. In 1828 a Presbyterian congregation was founded. They held church in area homes until 1834 when land was donated for construction of a proper church. The church fell into ruin when it was no longer used due to conflicting religious reasons.

In 1854, the congregation decided to build another church which opened in October of 1854. Initially the same minister preached in this church and a nearby church in another town. When the other town’s congregation grew large enough to support having their own minister, this church united with another one.

The church was raised in 1914 and a basement addition built under it. The church celebrated it’s 100th anniversary on July 1, 1928.

The church steeple was blown off during a wind storm on January 26th, 1978. It was replaced in 1979 at a cost of $11,800. I couldn’t find a record of when the church closed. In 2010 it was said to have been re-established.

Today the church is no longer active however the doors are always open for people to visit. There’s even an entry book to leave your name. The air quality of the church is quite poor.

Due to people’s desire to destroy buildings, the address and name are not being disclosed.

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150th anniversary (1978)