The History

In the year 1930, Guido Cinelli was born In Italy. He emigrated to Canada in 1953 with nothing more than $25 to his name and some clothes. Guido found work in a bakery that employed four other employees. Guido worked 110 hours per week and allegedly slept on skids of flour in the bakery. Over the next two decades years, Guido worked his way up to the position of master baker. He helped grow the bakery into one of the largest in Canada.

By the time Guido was 41 years old, he’d started his own company distributing bakery equipment in Toronto as a part-time venture. By 1972, he was officially incorporated as an operating business. He was married to wife Lidia and had two sons (one being Albert) and two daughters.

Today his company manufactures bakery machinery that includes rack ovens, revolving ovens, automated production lines and a variety of mixers. The equipment can be programmed according to the customer’s needs, eliminating costly employee training. The companies products are distributed around the globe.

Albert passed away in 2014. I found it unusual that for a man who founded such a large successful company, that there was very little information or tributes when he passed away. I’m also keeping in mind, it’s a priviledge not a right to be able to research these stories in the first place. As for his wife Lidia, I could find no history on her except for several employment ads from 2024 where she was looking for a home healthcare worker.

The House

This brings us to the house that sits on 24 acres of land. I could find no history on the house prior to purchase by the Cinelli’s. It was likely built during the 1990’s for them. By looking through the house, it’s evident that someone had mobility issues (I’m assuming Lidia). The items include an accessible bathtub, toilet safety rail, and instructions for a specific diet.

The house features a double set of garages on each side of the house. The rear of the house opens out to an upper balcony overlooking the back of the home. The front of the house has an upper balcony above the front entrance. The house is located along a busy highway, which doesn’t offer much privacy.

There is a beautiful wooden staircase leading to the upper floor that wraps around to encompass the upper floor.

In 2000, an application was filed to request a new lot on the property.

Albert passed away in 2014. His son Albert now oversees Sales and Marketing of the family business. As for Lidia, her whereabouts remain a mystery. The house sold in September of 2021 for $14.7 million to a corporation. I can’t name the company as it would reveal the address. It will be demolished of course to accomodate the housing market.

During my exploration, I observed a white SUV slowly pull up to the house. I thought it might be other explorers, and carried on my exploration. The SUV later left, and then came back. At this time I decided it was time to exit the house. As I peeked out the window, I saw two women exit the vehicle and shake hands with a worker wearing a reflective vest who had arrived in his own vehicle. With no way to make it to my vehicle without being seen, I walked to my vehicle and made no contact with the trio. As I left, one of the women waved her cell phone at me as if to say, “I have you on video.” You can watch how it went from there, in the video.

These videos were taken with an Android phone.

(I realize now I was saying, “I’m just taking pictures” where it shows as unintelligible on the dash cam)