This large Tudor mansion is located in the Greater Toronto Area.

The four bedroom, six bathroom house was built in 1983 in Tudor architectural style. It was last occupied by a family named the Wang’s. Their house still contains many of the family’s possessions such as televisions, VCR’s, books, drones and framed paintings. It’s also been alleged that there were three fur coats which have since ‘disappeared’.

A Vaughan property developer purchased the land and surrounding houses with the intention to build fifty new homes. The price range of the homes is estimated to start at $3.4 million. The company’s timeline states the construction should be completed by 2024. The last listed price of this house was $2.1 million. One can assume that the property owner was thrown buckets of cash to sell.

Unfortunately as the housing market continues to explode, this will be more commonplace. For the urban explorer however, it means more untapped properties to document before their inevitable demolition.

House is now demolished.