This house was originally found by an explorer named Ground State.

A woman named Madelyn Williamson lived in this house where she raised five children. Madelyn’s husband William, passed away in 1982. Since that time Madelyn remained in the house along with one of her adult sons (I believe he was named James). Madelyn passed away in 2013.

At the time the house was discovered, the hydro was still working and there was zero vandalism. A TV table in front of the couch and a bottle of old ketchup adds an eerie look that the house was vacated suddenly.  One of the stories told by a neighbour, is that Madelyn left the house one day to walk down the road to a nearby care facility. She never returned.

Towards 2018, the house was seeing vandalism, nothing remains a secret forever in this hobby. A window was smashed and items tossed down the spiral staircase.

In 2020 the house was allegedly destroyed in a controlled burn by the owners.

April 2014 Photos

May 2015 Photos