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Colin McGregor Justice Building – St. Thomas

St. Thomas police station

The Colin McGregor Justice Building was located in the city of St. Thomas. It contained the St. Thomas Police headquarters as well as the courts. The building was located at 30 St. Catharine Street. The city council wanted to find an interested party to lease the building but there were no takers for the aging…

Final Destination Retirement Home

final destination

This was a nursing home for the elderly, located at 22015 Hagerty Road in Newbury. It’s been vacant since at least 2009. There have been extensions built onto the house. There’s stain glass in the older section of the home.The property has been demolished.

Fifth Wheel Truck Stop Grimsby

fifth wheel truck stop

The Fifth Wheel Truck Stop, located in Grimsby, was part of a chain of restaurants throughout Canada and had been in business for 27 years. The Fifth Wheel truck stop also provided gasoline and offered motel service in the basement. Approximately 25 staff worked at the Fifth wheel in earlier years, and towards the 1980’s…

Captain John’s Restaurant Toronto

St.John'sRestaurantinToronto abandoned

A man with a dream versus the city of Toronto who were determined to sink it. Ivan Letnik was born in the republic of Slovenia, in a country of uprising and internal chaos. Realizing that Yugoslavia held no future for him, Letnik attempted to escape to neighbouring Austria. His first attempt failed but he was…

Behind The Bit Equestrian Center – London, Ontario

Behind the Bit Equestrian Center London

This was the location of Behind The Bit Equestrian Center, a rescue farm for neglected horses and ponies. In 2018, York Developments sought to develop the property. They purchased the land and informed the rescue farm on January 3rd, 2019 that the lease would not be renewed and that they had until January 30th to…

Blue Bonnets Raceway (Quebec)

Abandoned Blue Bonnets Race Track in Quebec

The Blue Bonnets Raceway opened on June 4th, 1907 in the city of Montreal. It had originally been located on the Jos. Decary farm, but in 1886 the Ontario and Quebec Railway laid down tracks effectively splitting the raceway in half. In 1858, Jean-Louis Levesque added a mult-million dollar clubhouse on the grounds. The racetrack…

Talisman Ski Resort in Collingwood

Abandoned Talisman Ski Resort Ontario

The Talisman Ski Resort was built back in the 1960s. It closed in 2011 due to bankruptcy. After it closed, it became an area popular with hikers and dog walkers. An auction was held for sale of the 200 acrs property located at 150 Talisman Mountain Drive. The minimum bid was $2.39 million. Secondary properties…

Abandoned Ontario Mushroom Dormitory

Abandoned Mushroom Dormitory in Ontario

This is an abandoned building in front of the Monaghan Mushroom Farm. The dormitory building was previously home to migrant workers who hailed primarily from Latin America. At least one room still has house rules in Spanish on the door. The main floor has numerous rooms. There is also a basement, which is in two…

Motel 400 Innisfil Ontario

Motel  Post Card

Motel 400 is located along Highway 89 in Cookstown. It closed around 2018. Reviews for the motel suggest the conditions of the hotel weren’t the greatest. The location was used for a fictitious motel named Do-Si-Do Motel in the television show Titans. It had been owned by the same family for over 25 years.

The Ambassador Hotel and Ten Lounge in Sudbury

Ambassador Hotel in Sudbury (abandoned)

On March 8, 1968, four sisters from the Ceppetelli family from the subdivision of Gatchell (Sudbury) purchased property located at the corner of Falconbridge Road and The Kingsway. The Ceppetelli sisters were already experienced in hotel management. They were owners of a Lorne Street hotel by the name of The Four Sisters Motel, a business…