Category: Abandoned Houses

Abandoned Houses in Ontario. These may include farms, time capsules, rural properties and luxury homes.

The Model Train House

model train house

This location really had little to offer except for the one shot in the basement. The house was built in 1910 and sold to a developer in 2020 for $400,000. I could find no information on who lived here, except for a name that revealed no results. There were several model trains at the time…

Sandra’s House Revisit

We returned to Sandra’s House in winter 2023. I can find absolutely no mention of her online except for a private Instagram profile and an empty Facebook profile. The mystery of why the family left, remains just that. The house sits along a quiet road in southern Ontario. Video

Table For One Please

abandoned Ontario rural house with decay and electricity

I don’t have much background information on this property except that in 2012 it was listed under the name of a woman named Maria, with a German last name. We explored this house in February of 2023, and it had electricity. There’s quite a bit of decay in the form of the ceiling having water…

The Lion Wallpaper House

Nothing really exciting about this house except for the wooden kitchen set and buffet.Cell Phone Photos

Cranky Dog Walker House

The Key House (Toronto)

This property has five bedrooms and six bathrooms. It was on the market back in 2016 for $2.7 million dollars. Today it sits vacant. There are no signs of renovations nor demolition in progress.

The Time Crapsule

I don’t have a lot of information on this particular location. The man who lived here apparently had some legal issues and his lawyer had been unsuccessful in receiving payment. This isn’t a time capsule as it’s quite messy and has been picked through. There’s still quite a bit of original possessions however, so I…

The Spoon Lady’s Time Capsule House

I know very little about the background of this house except that it was lived in by an elderly couple. Most of the contents are still inside and there’s no vandalism. The kitchen still contains dishes and jars of cooking spices. The living room is quite simplistic as is the bedroom.The bed appeared like someone…

Di Benedetto Mansions

I’d been doing some research on abandoned properties and happened across an address for a vacant house in the Toronto area. I added the house to our exploration itinerary but what I didn’t realize was that right around the corner from it, were three large vacant properties. To find one of these luxurious properties is…

The Hunt Cabin

This property is located along a quiet road in Northern Ontario. It looks like it was (or is) used seasonally. There’s a water well in the basement though it looks pretty murky. The hydro didn’t work but it could have been temporarily turned off. There was little of interest to see aside from the iron…