Category: Abandoned Houses

Abandoned Houses in Ontario. These may include farms, time capsules, rural properties and luxury homes.

Bank Repo House

A country home taken back by the financial lender. A sad testament to the overpriced housing crisis we face. Video

Sugar Bush House

This house was built in 1976 and was owned by a woman named Susannah V. The house title was transferred in 2012 to another family member.I’m not entirely clear on the history but I believe this is accurate. The house was last owned by a man named William V. William owned a maple sugar bush…

Helmuth’s Model Train House

model train house

This was the home of Helmuth Hans P. Helmuth was born in 1923. He married and had two children, Michael and Ingrid. Helmuth worked in metals and alloys, and I believe he owned his own business. There is no information available on the mother, I know that she passed away in 2017. The parents separated…

Groovy Doctor’s House (1969)

This was the home of Dr. Edward Disenhaus and his wife Renee. Dr. Edward graduated from the University of Toronto in 1955. He worked as a doctor until around May of 2002 when he let his membership expire. Renee worked as an operating room nurse in her earlier years.Their home was built in 1969. It…

Victorian House

Hoarder House With Dentures

As soon as I set foot inside this house, I decided I’d be using my cell phone for photos rather than my wide angle. The reason was there was just too much garbage packed into tight density. There were boxes, letters, bags and assorted garbage covering the floors of every room. Even the stairs were…

The Little Stone Tea House

The Little Stone Tea House

This beautiful stone house began as a clapboard homestead built in 1870 on 14 acres of land. It was constructed out of hand-cut lumber taken from the property, with a roof made of cedar shingles and batten outer walls.In 1926, the property was purchased by Sarah and Stanley Gamble, who lived in Detroit. Stanley was…

3132 Lakeshore Road

This was the home of Mary Frances Longwill, who passed away in 2014. In the later years, a business named Urban Flora operated out of the home. Given the industrial equipment out back, it’s safe to say that the house’s days are numbered. These photos are terrible. Real Estate Photos from

The Model Train House

model train house

This location really had little to offer except for the one shot in the basement. The house was built in 1910 and sold to a developer in 2020 for $400,000. I could find no information on who lived here, except for a name that revealed no results. There were several model trains at the time…

Sandra’s House Revisit

We returned to Sandra’s House in winter 2023. I can find absolutely no mention of her online except for a private Instagram profile and an empty Facebook profile. The mystery of why the family left, remains just that. The house sits along a quiet road in southern Ontario. Video