The 24 lane All Star Bowling Alley in Scarborough closed not long ago. It’s located in a building with four business ventures – the bowling alley, Rockpile East band stage, a hotel and Caddy’s strip club. All of these businesses have shut down because a developer plans to build 184 homes on the property.

The electricity was still working during my visit and there’s NO vandalism, for now. The area this abandoned bowling alley is located in is full of graffiti.

It took us a few tries before we could gain entry into this location. Fortunately locked doors and boarded windows have kept the vandals out – for now. As with everything nice, someone will come along and ruin it.

The front doors are boarded up as are the windows which actually helped us. We were able to turn on the dazzling glow in the dark lights at night without attracting attention.

The bowling lane equipment is still there, with the bowling shoes and coloured balls. A vending machine that once contained bowling supplies even had coins in the coin box.

The upstairs level had a small bar area and an area to play pool. The pool table was gone by the time of our visit.

The bowling alley was renovated in 2012. Reviews for the bowling alley were mixed with several customers complaining about their treatment by staffers.