Hambly House in Nobleton

The Charles Hambly House is a well known property in the community of Nobleton. The home was originally constructed out of logs, but burned down when a fire broke out. The house was replaced by a red brick Victorian Italianate-style house, built around 1884. The house belonged to a Mr. Charles Hambly. By 1870, Hambly was the owner of a general store and also served as the community postmaster. He served as postmaster until 1894 when the post office moved to the Larkin Store. It was not uncommon for the general stores in villages to also function as the post office. The general store was one of two that operated in the area of Nobleton.

The house was located at the only intersection in the village.

Charles was the son of William Hambly, a United Empire Loyalist who arrived in Canada from the States. Charles had two sons, Elwood and George, who worked in their father’s store.

A developer is looking to build new housing next to this heritage property while preserving and enhancing the Hambly house. It may be used as office space in the future.

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  1. I find it inexcusable to see the home going to ruin. Either fix it and use it or sell it to someone who will fix it and use it.

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