Prime Development (London, Ontario)

Prime Development (London, Ontario)


This property had the look that experienced explorers tend to keep a watch out for. It’s in a residential area but the overgrown driveway and grass told me that it might be worth looking into. All of the doors were locked, but a piece of plywood on the rear door told me that the process of entry had already begun. I returned about one month later to find that the rear door was now unlocked.

Perhaps the real mystery here are the new fridge and stove appliances, with cold bottled water in the fridge. There are no signs of life at this house, and the surrounding properties are already waiting for the developer to build upon them. While there wasn’t a lot to see inside this house, and the rooms were somewhat small, I did enjoy the kitchen and retro bathroom as well as the basement pool room.

Note: While this address is listed as being destined for redevelopment, there were trucks in the driveway on my last visit.


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