I first came across this house back in 2019. At the time I just happened to be passing by and observed  signage outside which indicated new property development. I thought to myself, “Surely everyone must know about this house.” but as it turns out, I’d found a new location.

The owner of this property is seeking to demolish it and build a new home. In October of 2022, the City of Toronto refused to allow the new construction proposal arguing that the planned changes weren’t a minor variance. We spoke to a neighbour during our exploration here. They told us that the neighbourhood had been fighting the plans for this new house, and that they’d just recently won.

Since my initial visit in 2019, there’s been surprisingly little vandalism in that time. The fireplace mantle, light fixtures and some other glass have been broken. There are holes in the wall where someone might have been scrapping. For the most part however, people have been kind to this property. The dolls that were once found on the children’s beds, I’m told, are now in the swimming pool.

We hadn’t planned on visiting this location, but hadn’t been able to get into the last location of our day and so decided to visit this one just as the sun was setting.

The house has four fireplaces, an outdoor pool and four bedrooms. It’s priced at approximately $4,500,000. For photos from my 2019 visit, click here.


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