This location was one of several addresses that happened across my desktop over the course of 2022. I’d seen photos of the pool area posted by other explorers. We decided to visit the house in the fall of 2022. The pool is the most interesting part of the house. Beyond the sliding patio door, the house takes on an entirely different appearance – that is, completely modern in comparison to the outdated pool room.

The appliances were brand new and there was a smell of laquer in the air. When I put my foot down on the wooden floor, it stuck to the still drying laquer. Clearly this house was no longer on the abandoned list.

Through research I learned that back in 2013, an application was made to the City of Toronto to build ten townhouses and two houses on this property. By 2016, an application was made to the Ontario Municipal Board because the City of Toronto hadn’t yet made a decision on allowing the application within the alloted timeframe. The issue appeared to be disagreements with the city and developer regarding design guidelines.

Given the current status of this property, I’m surmising that the application for townhouses has been withdrawn or denied.