Abandoned Cobalt Public School

Cobalt Public School closed around 2013. I can find very little information on the former elementary public school. The school was destroyed in a suspicious fire in September of 2020.


6 thoughts on “Abandoned Cobalt Public School

  1. Would love to know if permission was obtained from the property owner to be on the said property and to take photos?

  2. I am sad to report that this school is burning down as I write this. I stumbled on your site as I was looking for more information about it and thought I would let your followers know.

  3. I went to this school from JK to grade 8, never went anywhere else. I actually graduated among 5 others in 2012, we were the last graduating class before it closed; some of our graduation decorations are still up on the gym wall to this day, the lyrics from the song \”My Wish\”.

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