This location was shared with me by a member of my website named Outlawkid. I didn’t find it on my own 🙂 We drove up to the Midland area to explore it. The front of the property showed clear damage. The front walls of the upper floors had been torn away possibly by the bulldozer in the back yard.

We made our way around to the back of the mansion in thick snow. The indoor pool doors were open. The pool had water in it which was now frozen. I observed a mouse frozen under the water. The pool area is perhaps the highlight of the house.
Front view of the fire damaged mansion
Indoor pool
Indoor pool

Next we moved onto the living room area. The ceiling was very high compared to the houses I’m used to. The walls were adorned with art paintings. A wall unit was filled with books. Whomever lived here appreciated the arts.

This house was listed for sale in 2015 for 1.6 million, 100 acres, 10 bedrooms, 5 baths, fresh spring water ponds and 2 quest houses. Unfortunately due to the damage caused by the fire we weren’t about to see what the upper floors looked like.
Fire damage on the main floor
Living room books

Also on the property was a guest house.
Photo by Forgottenplaces

The mansion has since been repaired and is active property again. Please don’t go looking for it. 🙂