This lovely home is located in Southern Ontario. As we approached it, we found the front door wide open, which is how many horror movies begin. The house has five bedrooms and six bathrooms, and as you can see working electricity. The front yard contained children’s bicycles and at one point a sandbox, which has since disappeared.

Vines are slowly taking over the entrance to the house. Inside we found three paintings, with an artists’s name I assumed was a former residence. The name of this location of course is based on the painting of Mick Jagger.

Some doorways had Mezuzah’s screwed into them. At the time I had no idea what these were (thanks Facebook). The kitchen featured a skylight and marble countertops. Next to it was the dining room area which still had a large screen television 🙂 In a corner of the dining room at the rear of the house was a small nook which a bench where you could sit to read a book.

In the master bedroom you’ll find a peak ceiling like in a castle, with overlooking windows.

My research indicates that last owner of the house owned several companies. Developers have purchased the land and land next door with the intention of building $2 million condos.