The Randwood Estate is a 3-plus acre historical estate in Niagara-on-the-Lake. It features a home originally built in 1825. The land was part of a 160-acre tract granted to Peter Russell in 1796. Russell was receiver general and a member of the executive council of Upper Canada. 

In 2016, developer Benny Marotta purchased the property along with the one next door for $8 million. Marotta wanted to build a six-storey hotel and convention centre, with two levels of underground parking. At a community meeting held in 2018, residents were fiercely opposed to the destruction of the heritage property. In late 2020, unable to come to any form of agreement with the community, the property was put back onto the market at $19 million.


There’s a lot of acreage and this would be an ideal place for a wedding ceremony. The kitchen is as large as an average apartment. You could just imagine some of the social gatherings that must have taken place here over the years. Some of the prior owners have included Peter Russell, a member of the executive council of Upper Canada; American Civil War general Henry Lansing; Capt. Robert Melville of the Niagara Harbour and Dock Company; the Rand family; and artist Trisha Romance.

 The property looks like it may have operated as a commercial business given the “Exit” signs and lack of bedrooms.

 November 2018

June 2019