This rural property was built in 1900 and sits upon 102 acres of land. The land was purchased in 2004 for $300,000 by a man of Croatian descent who’s now in his 50’s. He’s a graduate of McMaster University.

While at university, he participated on the fencing team. He was named MVP for his team in 2001. He went on to compete in International Tournaments from 2001 to 2003 in Montreal.

His house has a lot of musical history inside. In the living room sit two empty guitar cases and a piano.
As you make your way past the living room to the kitchen, there are several vinyl record albums underneath the kitchen table. I found a Black Sabbath Paranoid album cover, no sign of the record. There are sheets of music and lyrics to be found throughout the house. Some lyrics have been penned on paper or tacked to the wall.

There are DVD’s and VHS tapes on both levels of the house as well as books and record albums featuring classical music composers.

Also, in the upstairs we discovered the skeletal remains of what appears to be a cat.

I wouldn’t go so far as to call this a time capsule, as it’s not been locked up or left alone for many years. Rather, it’s midway between a time capsule and crapsule. There are several items scattered over the floor and it’s evident that when the man left, he took his most cherished items with him. The kitchen table is set for dinner but I’ve no doubt that this was staged for photography.

One thing I will point out for those who watch the video, do you remember the “Worst Toilet in Scotland” scene from Trainspotting? Well the toilet upstairs is right out of the movie. There was paper and poop filed a foot high from the top of the bowl.

While researching the owner, I found photographs of him playing a saxophone and holding his guitar. He seems to be a man of many talents. I could find no online presence for the man other than an outdated Facebook. Beyond that, he has disappeared without a trace.

Cell Phone Photos