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Jubilee Methodist Church

Abandoned Jubilee Methodist Church in Ontario

This old church is located on the Oneida Reserve along a busy highway. There’s a small cemetery beside the church. The church doors are usually locked. If you can find your way inside though, you’ll find the interior to be in an advanced state of decay. The piano sinks a little further into the rotting…

Abandoned 1844 Anglican Church Ontario

Ontario Anglican Church

This lovely church was built in 1844. It’s one of those churches that occasionally sees the doors being left unlocked out of trust. Unfortunately we know that not everyone shares the same sense of decency when it comes to unlocked churches. The guestbook’s last entry was 2013.

Abandoned Saint-Bernardin de-Sienne Church

Saint Bernadinde Sienne

Saint-Bernardin de-Sienne Church is located at 7979 8e Avenue in Montreal, Quebec.  It was built around 1955 as part of a post-Second World War movement to expand the Catholic Church’s reach into Montreal communities. Due to declining congregation it closed in 2013. It was struck by arson on January 27, 2019 requiring 150 firefighters to…

Mass Casualty (Abandoned Churches)

Abandoned Churches in Ontario

With declining congregations, shrinking budgets and aging buildings, churches are closing all across Canada. I can remember my grandfather attending church every Sunday. It seems like a lost faith with people too busy or who don’t practice faith. These photos are from various abandoned churches across Ontario that I’ve explored over the years. Some of…

St. Giles United Church in Hamilton, Ontario


History of St. Giles United Church In March of 1907 the Presbytery of Hamilton granted permission to establish the St. Giles Presbyterian Sunday School and Church. A petition gained 116 signatures in support of building a new church. Mass was initially held in a tent until November of 1908 when the church construction was completed….

Hickson United Church

Hickson United Church

The Hickson United Church was built in 1901 and opened in 1902. Given the small size of the town of Hickson, the church was used as a meeting place for community functions including baptisms, weddings, funerals, Bible school, Brownies, Girl Guides, Scouts, weddings and baby showers.As with so many churches across Canada (approximately 9,000 of…

St. Columba Roman Catholoic Church

abandoned stained glass church Ontario

In 1849 a large group of settlers fled their homeland of South Uist and Benbecula, Scotland. They had been evicted from the land by their landlords. The land produced failed potatoe crops which added to their dire situation. A group of families boarded a ship named The Tusker and made a two week journey to…

Abandoned Studite Monastery & Woodstock Peace Lighthouse in Woodstock, Ontario

Woodstock Ontario Abandoned Studite Monastery

The Studite Monastery and Peace Lighthouse was located in Woodstock, Ontario. It belonged to the Studite Fathers, a Ukrainian religious group. Studites work for eight hours, rest for eight hours and pray for eight hours. The Studites are one of the oldest monastic orders of the church. They have a board of directors and monastery…