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Martin Weiche’s Nazi House – Abandoned Bergof in London Ontario

Martin Weiche Nazi House London Ontario

Martin Weiche Nazi History The Martin Weiche Nazi House as it’s commonly referred to is located on Gainsborough in London, Ontario. Weiche referred to his home as The Berghof. Martin Weiche was born in the East German town of Lebus in 1921. He and his family moved to Berlin in 1938. He became a member…

Abandoned Cat Lady House in Burlington

Abandoned Cat Lady House

The Cat Lady House in Burlington, Ontario stands out for many explorers because it was the first place where they had an opportunity to explore their first time capsule house. It was first discovered by the explorer known as Freaktography.A time capsule is a reference to a location that’s been perfectly preserved for several years if…

Abandoned Star Wars Collectible Mansion in Ontario

Abandoned Star Wars Mansion

This mansion is referred to as the Star Wars Collectible Mansion with good reason. There are thousands of dollars in Star Wars merchandise to be found inside. This home was built in 2000 for a Chinese man. He was married with a wife and had three children. The man worked as an architect for the…

Abandoned Ontario Buddhist Retreat

Buddha statue

The Buddhist Retreat was discovered in 2012 and it located down a nondescript driveway in Vaughan, Ontario. As you walk down the overgrown driveway, life size Buddha statues began appearing in the forest indicating what’s soon to be found. The first building that we encountered appeared to have been used by a squatter. An extension…

The Abandoned Pastor Lee House – Ontario

creepy lee house ontario

This is the story of the Lee House in Ontario. It’s a mixture of time capsule and bizarre oddities to be seen. The house belonged to the Lee family. Esther Lee Gladstone was born on November 3rd, 1893.  Arthur Lee was born in 1897. Esther obtained her diploma from the Moody Blue Institute in Chicago….