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Abandoned Houses in Ontario. These may include farms, time capsules, rural properties and luxury homes.

First Explores of 2021

abandoned Markham house

I found these two abandoned houses in the City of Markham, Ontario on a cloudy January day. They were my first explorations of the year. The first house had leaves in the driveway and certainly looked vacant. I observed footprints in the snow that led to the front door, so I was hesitant about approaching….

Burlington Waterfront Property

abandoned toronto house skyway burlington

This house sticks out among the surrounding properties. The front windows are covered with plywood and the hydro meter has been removed. Perhaps a develop has set their sights upon this property in the Toronto area.There’s a sun room in the back of the property looking onto Lake Ontario. The house is now demolished.

Abandoned Ontario Horse Farm

Ontario horse farm

This was a horse farm that sold for $3,000,000 in 2014. The property had a residential home, outdoor swimming pool and stables. I’m surmising that a developer purchased it, given that it’s in some prime real estate territory.Heritage records indicate the original house was built circa 1835 and was the location of a Christian Church…

Gordon’s Farm House in Ontario

This old house is found in farming country southern Ontario. It features a Victorian style house with an ugly addition built onto the rear. There’s a large barn in the back of the property and a small garage. The land is still in use for farming during the summer months. Cheques and credit card statements…

Arthur Currie House Ontario

Sir Arthur Currie House

This was the home of Sir Arthur Currie, who was born in this house on December 5, 1875. Sir Currie was educated in local common schools and at the Strathroy District Collegiate Institute. He also briefly attended the University of Toronto before moving to British Columbia in 1894. Sir Currie led the 2nd Brigade of…

Snow White Canopy Bed House (Clarington)

Snow White canopy bed house

This property was found by an explorer known as Clay70, while he was looking for the farm from the Canadian horror movie “Deranged”. Clay70 was successful in finding some of the original buildings from the movie. While this particular property wasn’t part of the movie, it was discovered during his search. This remarkable stone house…

Something Stinks House (House of Flies)

something stinks abandoned house ontario

This house sits down a long driveway in rural Ontario. There’s a collapsed barn in the field. Whomever lived here is long gone, but something inside the house absolutely stinks. The smell inside is nauseating and I couldn’t only handle being inside for ten minutes.

Thamesville, Ontario Photos

Thamesville Ontario abandoned house

Thamesville is by no means abandoned, it’s a cozy rural town outside of Chatham. I’ve been here many times as a youth to visit my grandparents. For the sake of posterity, I’ve added it to the list of places I’ve explored – in the name of urban exploring of course 🙂My grandfather used to work…

Russell Christie House

Russell ChristieHouseOntario

The Russell Christie house was built in 1860 by a Scottish settler named John Russell, who arrived in Canada in 1842. Russell was one of a dozen settlers who came to Canada in 1842. The area upon which they settled became known as the ‘Scotch Block’.The house was built with Neo-Classical and Georgian features, and…

Hambly House in Nobleton

The Charles Hambly House is a well known property in the community of Nobleton. The home was originally constructed out of logs, but burned down when a fire broke out. The house was replaced by a red brick Victorian Italianate-style house, built around 1884. The house belonged to a Mr. Charles Hambly. By 1870, Hambly…