This location is a nineteenth century two-storey rural farm house. The front has a three-bay front facade and a double door entrance. At one time this house would have beamed with pride and joy, but over the years the grass has grown, boards have gone up over the windows and the basement has flooded.

Someone has gone through significant effort to barricade the front door, while the side door is wide open. This is testament to the ongoing efforts of preservation versus destruction minded individuals.

The property has been added to the town’s Heritage Registry but with the water damage, the house might see demolition. How the hydro has remained on is anyone’s guess but with the basement filled with water the two create a hazardous mix. With the lack of light through the windows, the electric lights offer an opportunity to capture the house on camera.

Whomever lived here last, possibly worked as a security guard.

There are several cable television converters upstairs, high gain antenna and a box filled with coax cable adapters which leads me to think an occupant may have worked with cable television.