The Aladdin House as it’s often referred to as, belonged to Max Heiduczek. Max bought the home, located at 110 Maybourne in Scarborough, in 1970. Max traveled the world and inspiration for his home’s design came from his worldly travels. The house features turrets, minarets, columns, and statues.

The house is sometimes referred to as “the castle” and the city’s “weirdest” home.” In September of 2018 as Max’s health was fading, he sold the house to a builder for $760,000 and moved into a retirement home.

The buyer intended to demolish the house and build a new home. It’s now been 4 years and still nothing has materialized. The present owner has applied to subdivide the property into pieces.  In August of 2021 conditional consent was given by the city for this severance.

Max passed away later in 2018.