This property is known as the Adjala Dartboard House because it’s located in Adjala-Tosorontio and a dartboard used to hang on a wall with a multi-coloured carpet backdrop. The dartboard has gone missing since my initial visit in 2012. I’d never been back here until June 2021.

This was a four bedroom farmhouse with barn, drive shed and grain storage. Some of the doors had the old-style glass door knobs.

Given that this house is situated along a busy highway, the house has been thoroughly trashed, spray painted and all the other stupid things people do abandoned houses.

Caution: The basement can be flooded up to the main floor and there’s a hornet nest under the floor where the top door overlooks the front yard. There’s also a large hornet nest in a room on the ground floor.

Location: 44.123239,-79.909637