While searching for another abandoned house, we passed by this one. This house had ‘the look’ and so we stopped to take a closer look. The driveway had weeds, the grass was overgrown, and the roof was in rough shape. I walked around doing a cursory inspection and made my way to the back. The door opened!

The kitchen countertop had used utensils on it. A garbage can was filled with food. The fridge was working and inside were pizza boxes and a case of Heinekin. I didn’t check for any expiry dates. In an adjacant room were several liquor bottles. This could have gone either way… the house looked like maybe someone lived here but it also looked like it could be in use as a ‘hang out’ for youth.

Another room had a virtual golf simulator. The appearance could either be that of a lived in home, or a vacant house. There was really only one way for me to be certain…

I walked slowly upstairs. I wanted to see if there were any beds and clothing. I discovered a mattress but no bed sheets and very little furniture. I surmised that the house was vacant and only being used by kids or squatter.