Mikayla’s House

Mikayla’s House

I’ve known about this house for a while now and finally decided to give it a visit one rainy morning. I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to gain access once I saw fresh plywood on a patio door and tire tracks in the driveway.

Fortunately a door was open. Nothing really stood out to me as being interesting. There were several consumed cans of beer, a few shotgun shells. The basement was flooded a few feet. Midway through my visit, I started to cough. My throat began to burn. By the time I walked out the door, my eyes were burning with pain. My skin was flushed. I think someone poured a large amount of Javex on the floor, although my sense of smell didn’t detect anything unusual.

It took me 10 minutes before I was able to drive home due to my watering eyes.

This house is named Mikayla’s House because it was sent to me for potential exploring by a former occupant named Mikayla.

The photos aren’t the greatest, as I was in and out quite quickly. There was a bird trapped in the living room that I tried to free from the blinds. Even if I could have persuaded it to fly out of the window, it was unlikely to find it’s way out to the door. It disappeared while I was upstairs, and I don’t know if it exited or not.

Thanks Mikayla!

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