When I first saw photos of this property, I felt that I should head out to it as soon as possible before the wrong people found it. It took a bit of sleuthing to find out where it was, but after an hour or so of searching I had the address. This house dates from pre-Confederation, making it over 150 years old. It’s currently on the list of Heritage Designated properties for the city in which it’s found.

And with that I set out for a morning road trip. When I arrived, I parked where I wouldn’t be seen and tried my luck with the doors.

There were several vehicles on the property, which could easily deter someone from getting close. One was a plated Volkswagen that was gone by the time I left. Where they were as I walked past, I don’t know, but I didn’t cross paths with anyone the entire time.

Inside, the house was cold very COLD. I could see my breath as I exhaled. The electricity worked as I randomly tried light switches. There were some dusty cans of food in the kitchen (expiration date: 2018) and a calendar dated 2017.

On a table I observed a syringe and two bottles of Naxolone, which is used to counter the effects of opoids. I wondered if someone might be squatting here but it was so cold inside that I figured whomever these items belonged to, was long gone.

The highlight of course was the main living room, with the arrangement of musical items. In the far corner was a black Stroud piano. Next to it was an electronic Yamaha drum kit with a mixer board and amplifier. There were several framed works of art on the wall, one of which had a miniature violin inside of it. The fireplace featured an oak wood mantle with pillars on each side. The fireplace appears to have been bricked up and then some of the bricks removed again.

A narrow set of stairs lead to an upstairs area where there is a box shaped skylight that protrudes from the roof. The area looks like it may have been used for a sleeping. There was little of interest up here. I did pause to take a video showing the extreme paranormal activity of this property.

After reviewing my photos, I can say that I was quite consistent in my photography. Consistently shooting with a dusty lens and out of focus shots. Shit on a stick. A video walk through of the house is shown below but be forewarned that I start it off with a little rant about the bogus claims of places being “haunted”.